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is not making the call. the booker decide in many cases who comes on. >> in 2009, the naacp, the national latino media council signed the memorandum of understanding with abc, nbc, cbs and fox. we needed to know who was working in front of and behind camera. we have something on out. has there been progress? yes. incremental. we have to push harder because of what came out of here. this is a report and what he did, he interviewed 900 people on what the thought about latinos. 3000 people on what they thought about latinos. they were all white people. what they thought coincided with what news did looking at. we put into timid in their, television news, radio and journalism. if they were young and new atinos, they tended to have good attitude about latinos. they were older and watching fox news, they did not think very highly of us. the beer not patriotic, not intelligence, that we are taking jobs away from americans. 30% of them thought that it% or more latinos were here without documentation -- that 50% or more latinos were here without documentation. we are 55 million strong in this country. 12
talk about research and p.o.s. does the polling for one sub-group, latinos -- >> so you're the conspirators on the left wing of the polling. >> barack obama is ahead by 50 points with latinos. the question is, their enthusiasm was less than 2008. that is another aspect. >> my thinking had been, while it was mathematically possible for romney to get the electoral votes without ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, that was like a three or four-cushion shot in pool. is ohio what we should be looking at more than anything else? >> that is a good question. it is much easier for mitt romney to win the presidency if he wins ohio. i entered this election cycle believing that there were three key states instead of just florida and ohio. i would add virginia to that list. the next half level down is north carolina. clearly, governor romney is stronger in florida and virginia. those are very competitive states right now. all i know is someplace where he does need a significant comeback. fred's points are well-taken. for a lot of voters, the election started last night. if he is going to h
of this nation. as i got older, they reminded me of the clear truth. there were blacks, whites, latinos and asians. there were a gay folks and street books all marching for justice in america. they told me that you need to remember this from the beaches of normandy were there were black folks and white folks and gay folks. you need to remember this. when people were fighting to expand, it everybody involved. we knew we were all in it together. deep and real african proper was true. if you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go to together. so now it is time we go together. the dream of america is still just as urgent. this is still just as real. we are not finished with this nation yet. the word of our founders, liberty and justice for all, are still as operational as long as there is a person in this country that does not enjoy the same rights as their brother or their sister when it comes to voting rights, when it comes to marriage rights, when it comes to civil rights. when it comes to social security and tax law and visitation and adoption. as long as there are t
school, where i became the first latino to receive three graduate degrees from harvard. true to my promise, i came home as an e.r. doctor. i am living proof of the american dream. for too many people, the american dream is in danger because washington is broken. to many workers have lost their jobs. to many retirees have lost their savings. to many students cannot afford college. our congresswoman has lost touch with the people. instead of looking out for us, they're focused on partisan bickering, scoring political points, and looking out for themselves and their wealthy donors. congresswoman's response to our problems is more of the same. more bickering, or partisanship, and more looking out for herself instead of us. instead of listening to people and proposing real solutions, she relies on the same old worn out partisan playbook that does nothing to create jobs or help seniors on fixed incomes. watch tonight how many time she talks and says empty phrases. every time you hear them, remind yourself, this is the language of gridlock. congresswoman, you are not running against nancy
to a latino families, they want the same things we all want. i want to make sure they have a job and job security. they want to have access to affordable health care. they are interested in passing the dream act to allow kids that came here through no fault of their own and they're going to college or are serving in our military to have it passed a legal status. he voted against that act. what he is saying is that if you come back, we will support you. i am in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and i have never heard my opponents say that before. i think it is discriminatory and unconstitutional. that is the difference between us. >> we can agree that we need immigration reform in this country. but perhaps the greenback is not the way to get that done. republicans and democrats have to come together to solve this problem. talking about serving the military, i think you should have a pathway to citizenship. if you are working on your education, we should put you in the queue. there are ways of solving this problem. it is not black and white or else we would have solved the problem
.2% of the state's population. four counties in the fourth district have latino populations of more than 10%. five other counties have a population of more than 5%. congressman king, what is your plan to deal with illegal immigration while still making iowa a warm and welcoming place for new immigrants? >> we need to remember we are all god's children created in his image. there has to be dignity provided for all human beings. but the united states than any other nation, we have to have a border. you don't protect the border and decide who comes and goes, there you are not -- you are not a nation at all. at the center of this is the rule of law. it's one of the essential pillars of american exceptional some. most of the laws that we need are out there and i would add one more to it -- it's called the new idea act. the acronym stands for illegally, deduction, elimination act. brings the irs into the enforcement. this piece of legislation gives the employer safe harbor if they use --- if they use e- legal. hopefully i can finish in the orbital period -- in the rubble. >> what is your plan to deal wi
families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal. this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home except medicaid pays for it. should we send it to ohio and just blame the state and say your mother can stay and yours cannot? maybe worst of all, medicare provides health care to help for disabled children in homes that are not poor, not close to poor. [inaudible] even upper-middle-class homes because this party takes care of a child with autism or a developmental disability. you want to cut this? it is wrong. it is wrong. there is still will not be enough money to balance the budget. barack obama has a better education and health care plan. it better energy plan. we are all in this together. you are not on your own. it is consistent with good economics. shared responsibility in prosperity, not trickled down. it is consistent with t
have brought you. >> winner of the american book award and an international latino book award about growing up an illegal alien in los angeles. part of the tv is a part of the tv on c-span 2 this weekend. >> we asked c-span viewers about what they thought about the vice-presidential debate. here's what they had to say. >> i thought vice-president biden was very rude. he cut off paul ryan all the time. >> i really went on vice biden.ent by ib i see the sincerity in his response. i could feel his love for the people. on the other hand, ryan, first of all, he needs to go to the doctor because he drinks a lot of water. >> i thought they gave paul ryan more time, which opposes why joe biden had to interrupt small- time. i felt that paul ryan was very scripted. this is the way they have been training him for the past two weeks or for however long i felt that joe biden knew what he was talking about. >> joe biden came across to me as a cranky old man, very unlikable, barry and presidential. he was sneering. he was rude. he was talking over and out of turn. very disruptive, laughing, grimac
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)